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"I love the professionalism of Anikó's classes my daughter has been attending for a year and she continuous to enjoy it and have fun, I have been to classes where the children just run around and it isn't structured or the demands are too much and the children stop enjoying themselves. Anikó has the perfect balance of discipline and fun and I always look forward to the end of term performances."

- Ahlisha, Angel's mum, Tottenham

"Aniko is a wonderful ballet teacher. Very friendly for the young children as well as extremely knowledgable for the older students. I'd recommend her to anyone!"

-Katie, owner of Katie Ventress School of Dance

"Aniko is a fantastic teacher my 4 year old loves her ballet classes. She is very patient and friendly aswell as very knowledgeable and instructive. Would highly recommend x"

- Bonnie, Skye's mum, Tottenham

"Miss Aniko started teaching my kids recently in Chiswick. Her warm and friendly approach to teaching has encouraged my daughter to try harder and now loves her ballet class each week even more."

- Leigh-Ann, Alissa's mum, Chiswick

I had my first ballet class tonight and really enjoyed it. Aniko is a really good teacher, she explanied everything really well for us all. It made me appreciate just how hard ballet really is.

- Nikki, adult ballet participant

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